Lucas running for commission

Published 1:45 am Saturday, September 12, 2015

Allen Lucas has announced his intent to seek the office of Covington County Commissioner District 4.


Lucas, who is running on the Republican ticket, is a lifelong county resident. A retired county employee, Lucas said he has more than 27 years experience, having worked for county commissioners in District 4 such as Johnny Castleberry.

“A political candidate will often make pre-election promises that consist of good intent; however, they are without a plan or the knowledge of what they can actually do once in that elected position,” Lucas said. “That’s not me. I’ve worked for the county road department and shop, and I know what it takes to run a district. I think that experience will allow me to be a hands-on commissioner.”

Lucas said he wants to be commissioner because he worked for the county for so long.

“And after the people of my district supported me so much in the last few elections, it is apparent they want change,” he said. “I can promise the citizens of this county, who are my neighbors, school teachers, family, friends and co-workers, 110 percent of my dedication and loyalty, as well as my fulltime focus on the needs and concerns of this county.”

Lucas and his wife, Jana, who is works with mental health, have five adult children and reside in the northern part of the county.