Pastor to offer free counseling

Published 1:47 am Saturday, September 12, 2015


The Christ Like Biker Church is reaching out to families who need counseling.

Senior Minister Brad Hall said Friday that he is looking for families who need marriage, family, couples and individual counseling.

“We’re going to provide this at no charge to the recipient,” he said. “Our ultimate vision is to provide a counseling center to minister to the disadvantaged families in Covington County.”

Hall said he wants to make counseling services available for those who can’t afford it or who may not otherwise seek it out.

“I want to untie hands,” he said.

Hall is currently pursuing a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, but said he can offer his services by being a pastoral counselor in the meantime.

“I want to go ahead and start planting the seed in the community,” he said. “Eventually I would like to get funding through all denominations, so we can better reach out to people in this community.”

Hall said the Lord has called him to start this ministry.

“I want to do this for those who may not feel comfortable reaching out to other avenues,” he said. “I want to keep this interdenominational.”

Hall said he wants to be a place where the doors are open and be a place to help and love others.

“If we can’t help you, we’ll go out and find someone who can,” he said.

Services will be available by appointment by calling 334-892-3489.