Council talks abatements

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Opp City council on Monday night voted to abate several properties for various infractions.

• 1300 Old Perry Store Rd., removal of the structures at the residence. City Inspector Wanda Summers said this is an old resolution and that the property owners have been given three to four extensions and have not done anything to the property and it is progressively getting worse.

• 402 Dorsey St., clean the lot. Summers said it’s a vacant lot and a neighbor has cut a path around the home.

• Lot 39 Sparks, which is located in Capital Heights, removal of an old barn with a creek running through it.

• 206 Grover, clean lot, remove litter;

• 206 Graves, clean lot;

• 309 Stanley, clean lot and treat pool,

• 315 S. College, given 30 days to clean up house and yard; and 90 days to put up a fence for old junk cars.

• 619 Gavin, given a two week extension before removal of structures;

• 401 Monroe, Clean up lot in 30 days;

• 203 Williams, clean lot;

• 105 Ruby, clean lot;

• 101 Hudson, clean lot; treat pool;

• 301 Brandon, clean lot, remove litter