A salute to those who deliver news

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This week is National Newspaper Week in America, a time for newspapers and readers to reflect upon the roles newspapers play in communities.

Sometimes, those whose job it is to produce a daily newspaper feel as if the creation is a miracle unto itself. Relying upon information submitted to us by electronically, on random pieces of paper, in phone messages, or mentioned over lunch, we endeavor to report upon news that affects and interests a local audience. It takes the work not only of reporters and photographers, but also advertising salespersons, creative talents, a press crew, mailroom crew, detailed office workers, and delivery personnel to create and deliver a daily dose of news.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and acknowledge that it is sometimes our job to be the moral conscience of the community. “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” is an old newspaper edict.

When you hold your local newspaper in your hands – whether in print or on a mobile device – you hold a powerful tool to inform and inspire.

For centuries in towns and cities across North America, local newspapers have served as watchdogs for the public good and as a powerful connection between citizens and the communities around them.

On the 75th Anniversary of National Newspaper Week, we salute the men and women who work hard to bring you the news. In this digital age, the newspaper audience has never been greater, with millions reading newspapers in print, online or via mobile.

We pause today to express our appreciation to all who do this work; to all who assist us in this work; and to those who trust us to deliver information to them daily.