Bulldog moms contribute to AHS team’s successes

Published 12:30 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Each Thursday evening during football season, some unusual sounds can be heard coming from the indoor facility and locker room at Andalusia High School.

It is not the normal sounds of coaches’ whistles blowing or football players practicing, but the sounds of moms.

Yes, moms. Thursday evenings, a group of moms known as “The Bulldog Moms” meets to clean the locker room, make spirit signs for the boys, and pray for the team.

Coach Taylor’s wife, Patty, began this group as a way for the mothers to come together and contribute to the success of this team.

While cleaning the locker room is part of the plan, the moms know that anyone could complete that task.

The main purpose is to show support for the team.

The coaches and players spend a great deal of time practicing and preparing for the game each week.

This opportunity gives the moms a chance to rally around the team and help get them ready for game day.

Parental involvement promotes student success as well as the success of our school.

Research shows, “When parents are engaged in their children’s education in positive ways, children achieve higher grades and test scores, have better attendance at school, complete more homework, demonstrate more positive attitudes and behavior, graduate at higher rates, and have greater enrollment in higher education.”

Just as the students have many opportunities to get involved, parents can always find a place, too.

Andalusia High School welcomes parents to get involved in their students’ educations.

One might find that he or she has fun in the process.

All moms with players on the football team are invited to meet at the facility at 5:15 Thursday to help tidy up the locker room and get the boys ready for game day. Remember, ”That’s why we’re Bulldogs!”


Contributed by Nicole Jackson, Andalusia High School.