Doll being raffled to raise funds for free mammogram

Published 12:39 am Friday, October 9, 2015

The doll is designed to represent the genuine feelings of a breast cancer patient.

The raffle tickets being sold on a chance to win her will fund a mammogram, in hopes of saving someone the pain the doll expresses.

1006 BCA doll

The $1 raffle tickets are available in the lobby of Mizell Memorial Hospital.

Kristen Averitt of MMH said an employee had this breast cancer doll made because she lost her mother at 40. Her mom was uninsured and had a lump for more than five years, but did not receive screening until it was too late.

The doll is a creation of area native Angie Spaulding through her Salvaged Soul Dolls.

“Most of us have various trials, tribulations, and oftentimes, dark, and sad events that occur within our lives,” Spaulding wrote. “However, it is not socially appropriate to display these traumatic or horrific events on our outside appearances, we are taught to cover the suffering and the pain experienced inside by assuring we appear socially acceptable on the outside. Therefore, we dress in a manner that is socially acceptable or fashionable, women make sure that their make-up and hair are perfect, and oftentimes we display a made up and frequently fake appearance to hide our internal scars. On the contrary, Salvaged Souls Dolls do not hide or try to cover the pain and sadness on the inside.”

MMH also is accepting applications for the free screening.

Applicants should:

• Have a primary care physician

• Be over the age of 35

• Not have had t heir last mammogram in the past 24 months.

• Have had at least five years cancer free)

• Must be uninsured.

For additional information, contact Averett at 493-5511.