Opp chief says ‘be safe;’ mayor says ‘shop at home for toilet tissue’

Published 12:53 am Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Homecoming week is under way in Opp and the OPD is already fielding calls about yard rolling.

Homecoming week is under way in Opp and the OPD is already fielding calls about yard rolling.

It’s homecoming week in Opp and by tradition that also means students rolling yards with toilet paper.

On Monday morning, the Opp Police Department issued a warning, and the mayor urged those participating to at least buy the paper in Opp.

“The Opp Police Department started receiving complaints Sunday night about yards being rolled,” Chief Mike McDonald said.

McDonald laid down the law in regards to the popular prank.

“A word to the wise, do not roll someone’s yard if that person doesn’t want to participate,” he said. “It is their yard. Leave it alone. If that person chooses to do a police report and file either a warrant or a juvenile petition, you may be charged with criminal littering.”

McDonald said those who cause property damage may be charged with criminal mischief.

Additionally, McDonald said those driving around must comply with all traffic laws.

“Seat belts, speed limits, head lights illuminated after dark, etc., must be adhered to,” he said. “Reckless driving will not be tolerated. Do not hurt someone or receive a traffic citation because you were out rolling yards.”

McDonald urged safety when running through yards.

“I suggest that you think about such things as clothes lines, dogs, tree stumps, guide wires, law furniture, etc.,” he said. “These things will hurt you.”

McDonald said not to litter the streets or public property.

“If you drop it, pick it up,” he said.

Opp Mayor John Bartholomew was among those targeted on Sunday night.

“Maggie and I were tickled last night when some rollers got started early, and not only did they get us, but rang the doorbell so we could see their handiwork,” he said. “Had no idea they were even on the property because their stealth skills are really honed. It’s harmless fun, and we appreciate being included in it. After seeing Coach Brent Hill’s home, I feel like I’m in good company. I hope all the Bobcat faithful taking part in homecoming stay safe.”

Not to miss an opportunity to get sales tax revenue, the mayor encouraged everyone to buy their toilet paper locally.

“And remember, buy your toilet paper in our local stores, so our city benefits from the tax revenue,” he said.