AHS students explore law enforcement career options

Published 12:55 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Officer Mike Abraham introduced students to ‘Mojo.’

Officer Mike Abraham introduced students to ‘Mojo.’

On Tues., Sept. 22, we packed up 60 students and made three different stops throughout the day to take them behind the scenes and have them see the various career options there are to choose from in law enforcement, besides the obvious ones of being a police officer.

They discussed and showed careers such as police, fire, and ambulance dispatcher; bomb ordnance handling expert; robotics technician; K-9 animal handlers; search and rescue dive team; detective/investigator and police chief and officer positions.

The students especially enjoyed meeting Mojo the robot who cost $165,000 but can go into fires, deactivate a bomb, carry a weapon if needed, shoot a water cannon at mobs, and open doors and windows. Mojo can even rescue people and see one-quarter mile away and run speeds of up to 15 mph. A couple of the students were even allowed to take Mojo for a test run across the parking lot! Officer Mike Abraham said, “Mojo is gentle enough to pick up a water bottle or strong enough to crush an apple.”


Here are some quotes from the students regarding their experiences from the ‘Career Day’ at the local police station.

• Student Catherine Yanes said, “Officer Abraham did a great job at explaining that his job isn’t just catching the bad guys but it’s assisting the people of Andalusia, for example, help fix a flat tire or quiet the neighbor’s noisy dog. It was even fun to be handcuffed in the booking room, but don’t worry I don’t have any ideas.”

• Student Sarah Piggott said, “I enjoyed speaking to the female officer, Tawanda Marshall, and connecting with her through cheerleading. It is pretty inspirational seeing a female take on such a challenging job. Even though her chosen career field is not my desired career, I realized as she was talking that everyone can do anything as long as you give it your all. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have spoken to her and listened to her. All the officers we met inspired us in different ways and we thank you all for that.”

• Student Parker Kelley said, “I really enjoyed the part in the courtroom because I think it would be cool to be a lawyer and to prosecute people for bad things that they did. It seems like some Nancy Drew scene and I would like to solve it.”

• Student Hunter Gatschet said, “I found your ‘pet’ Mojo very interesting and I think that job might be something I want to look into as I grow up.”

Following the day at the police station District Attorney Walt Merrell came to visit our classroom to follow-up on our Law Enforcement Day from the police department. D.A. Merrell explained the history of how law started with the constitution and a fair trial and jury.

Mr. Merrell explained how it was his job to prove or sort out what the truth is in every case! The students really enjoyed his visit and asked him questions regarding needed education and if he charged for legal help. They listened to a few of his interesting stories regarding criminals and how the legal process worked to bring justice. Mr. Merrell was also quoted “get your salvation and your education” and “set your mind because no one can take away your knowledge and education.”


Gerogianna DeGregoria-Baldwin submitted this week’s Bulldog Bytes for Andalusia High School.