Youngsters sought for local Cub Scouts

Published 12:58 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Cub Scouts leaders are looking to grow the local pack.

Currently there are 10 boys in kindergarten through fifth grades involved in the organization, organizer Christine Lynn said.

“A lot of people don’t know what we do and that it is affordable,” she said. “I want to spread the message to the community.”

Lynn said she will be at the fair Thursday afternoon recruiting.

She said Cub Scouts meet every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Mark Saxon Wise Scout Hut next to First Baptist Church.

“We are talking about moving it to the middle school and doing it after school so more children would have the opportunity,” she said. “But right now we are trying to work the kinks out.”

Lynn said the goal is to get 20 new kids, but the more the merrier.

“If we could get three to four kids from each age group, that would be amazing,” she said. “Then we can break up the meeting and the individual groups can work toward earning their badges.”

Lynn said at one time 40 percent of the boys here were in the Scouts.

“We just want our younger boys to have more opportunities for extra curricular activities,” she said. Lynn said Scouting is important to her as a single mom because it gives her sons an opportunity to be around good role models.

Through the program, Cub Scouts learn values such as trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, and more.

The benefits of Cub Scouting, include having a fun time; learning ideals; strengthening families; providing adventure; creating fellowship; promoting diversity; teaches duty to God and country; is a year-round program.

Lynn said the fees are minor for the Cub Scouts.

“There’s a $12 registration fee through the Boy Scouts,” she said. “That’s a yearly fee, and then it would be about $5 a month for the local fee. So, it’s very affordable.”

Additionally, Lynn said they have received some backing through the community, and she feels confident she can get sponsors to help defray the cost of uniforms.

For more information, call Lynn at 208-7171 or see her at the fair tomorrow.