TLC announces date of ‘Coach Charming’ premiere

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, October 15, 2015

This still shot was pulled from a video promotion of 'Coach Charming,' Alverson is shown with AHS senior Halle Burkhardt.

This still shot was pulled from a video promotion of ‘Coach Charming,’ Alverson is shown with AHS senior Halle Burkhardt.

Much of reality show filmed in Andalusia

TLC officially announced yesterday what locals have been talking about for months – a new series featuring Andalusia’s own Bill Alverson.

The show, Coach Charming, premieres at 9 p.m. central on Wed., Nov. 4.

Alverson, who is a local attorney, also works as a pageant coach. The reality series focuses on both of those roles, and also features members of the Alverson family.

“His candid and blistering honesty have made him a sought after champion behind the pageant stage, and in the courtroom alike,” a released from TLC states.

The eight-episode series, much of which was filmed in Andalusia this past summer, follows Alverson as he meets with aspiring pageant competitors to teach them how to choose the right dress, make the perfect speech, show off their special talent, and take the all-important walk down center stage in their gown.

“It’s not all lipstick and high heels,” the release said. “This is the real deal. Bill specializes in preparing contestants for the interview segment, which is one of the most important portions of a pageant. Hair extensions and bedazzled dresses are a piece of cake, but you can’t fake smarts and poise. Throughout the season, Bill makes it his mission to prepare the girls both mentally and aesthetically to claim their crown!”

Alverson has served as a coach for the current and past three Miss America’s.

A promotional video for the show,  includes footage with Alverson’s three children and daughter-in-law, William and Helen Ann Alverson, Blanche Alverson and Stella Alverson, as well as two other local residents, Sydney Brunson and Halle Burkhardt.

In a promotional video released by TLC Thursday, Alverson said, “Life is a pageant. So why not put it on the stage?

Coach Charming is produced by Tollbooth TV for TLC, which is Channel 44 on the Andy Cable line-up.