Riley convicted of DUI after 2-day trial

Published 10:04 pm Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Covington County jury found Wesley Andrew Riley, 43, guilty of public intoxication, DUI, and driving while license suspended after a two-day trial.

The evidence at trial showed that Riley parked his truck next to Covington County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Norris’ patrol car at Sonic, nearly hitting the patrol car. After exiting his truck, Riley put his face and hand near the open driver’s side window of the patrol car and said, “Are you going to do your job today,” adding several expletives.

Deputy Norris smelled alcohol on Riley’s breath and asked him to step to the front of his truck. Riley stumbled as he walked toward his truck. He was arrested, and witnesses told Deputy Norris they had seen him driving intoxicated several times over the past few days.

Court records indicate Riley had been convicted of DUI at least twice previously. Assistant District Attorney Lee Enzor prosecuted the case, and David Harrison represented Riley. Circuit Judge Charles A. “Lex” Short presided over the trial.

“Riley drove drunk down a well-traveled street during lunchtime, and according to witnesses, had a habit of doing that. Kevin Norris was protecting not only the public but also Wesley Riley when he placed him under arrest. Even though Riley walked up to Deputy Norris and cussed him, he maintained his professionalism and did his job. I am thankful for the jury’s service and their recognition of the severity of Riley’s choices,” Enzor said.