Scoliosis didn’t stop Burlison’s pursuit of dreams

Published 10:14 pm Thursday, October 22, 2015


Florala’s Tiffany Burlison hasn’t let scoliosis stop her from achieving her goals.

She said she knew she would have to work harder to keep up with others.

Throughout her life, Burlison said she had difficulties with physical activities and needed orthopedic surgery.

“I have had scoliosis my whole life,” she said. “But I haven’t let it stop me. There is a limit on what I can do, but I am determined to never give up.”

Burlison graduated with a 96.9 grade point average from Florala High School and decided to pursue a certificate in culinary arts at LBWCC.

Having received assistance over the years from the Department of Rehabilitation Services, Burlison also benefitted from assistance in college including housing at Saints Hall and other items needed for culinary school.

“I started cooking in high school and it was something I liked to do,” she said. “From high school, I wanted to learn a little more.”

At LBW, Burlison excelled in the classroom and received a recommendation from the instructor.

Burlison stood out in baking and pastry making.

“I love to bake cakes and cookies,” she said.

Today, she works at Andalusia Country Club, thanks to a on-the-job training program through vocational rehab.

“I get to help make desserts sometimes,” she said. “But I make them often at home.”

She’s been working at the country club for more than a year, honing her skills in the kitchen.

“It’s been different, and I have learned a lot,” she said. “Mainly how to work as a team and how to run events.”

Country Club Manager Derrick Burgan said he’s enjoyed working with Burlison.

“She is diligent in her duties and has a really strong work ethic,” he said.

Burlison said she has hopes of one day attending a larger culinary school, where she would like to focus on baking.