Altercation delays game

Published 12:28 am Friday, October 30, 2015

The Pleasant Home versus Samson game last night was stalled for approximately 15 minutes after an on-field altercation among players led to ejections and law enforcement officials escorted a disgruntled Samson fan.

A Star-News’ reporter witnessed an on-field fight among players, and a cantankerous fan was yelling across the field at the players.

AHSAA rules say that a player or coach ejected from the game will receive a minimum fine of $300 and that student athletes can reduce fines to $100 if they take the online STAR Behavioral Mode within 10 school days of the date of the ejection.

Additionally, AHSAA rules say that if an ejection occurs during the final contest of the season, a monetary fine will be placed on the school according to its severity and what number of ejection it is.