Board dismisses complaints filed by Opportunity

Published 12:17 am Thursday, November 5, 2015

A complaint against an E-911 dispatcher was dismissed Wednesday.

The complaint was launched by Opportunity EMS after the ambulance company responded privately to a person falling through a roof.

An Opportunity EMS employee claimed to have called and talked to a dispatcher about needing Lifeflight, but due to static the radio was allegedly turned down.

Opportunity EMS alleged that the actions and inactions of the 911 dispatcher failed the patient and they sought disciplinary action.

The board heard 911 tapes of the conversation, heard from Opp Fire Chief Cory Spurlin, who was at dispatch that day, and also had a hands-free radio that allows him to hear calls from all parties in the Opp service area, which includes Opportunity EMS, and after hearing the testimony and a lengthy discussion in closed session, they decided to dismiss the complaint against the dispatcher.

Opportunity EMS also alleged that:

• PrideMark EMS transported two patients at the same time. Board Chair Wayne Godwin said ADPH had investigated and found no wrongdoing.

• That E-911 had dispatched PrideMark EMS from Opp to a critical scene in Florala. Lance Price, who is on the board, said he was on duty with the Florala Police Department, and that PrideMark conducted a patient transfer to the nursing home in Florala and was already in Florala when the call in question came through.

“They are correct that PrideMark is not stationed there,” he said. “But they were down there at the time of the call. A guy from Advanced drove the ambulance so the two paramedics could work on the guy.”

Price moved that that complaint be dismissed as well.