Talent needed for Saturday’s open mic night

Published 12:15 am Thursday, November 5, 2015


Joe’s Barista in Andalusia is looking for musicians and other talented performing artists to participate in Open Mic Night in the back room of the coffee shop on Saturday nights.

On Sat., Nov. 7, Joe’s Barista will hold its first Open Mic Night beginning at 7 p.m.

“There are so many talented people around Andalusia and besides when the fair is in town, there just isn’t anywhere for them to perform,” Carmen Day of Joe’s Barista said. “We just felt like this was a good opportunity for them to display their talents.”

Day said that some of the inspiration for the event was from the television show “Friends”.

“We want to have people up here hanging out, drinking coffee and just enjoying each other’s company,” Day said. “It’s not just about music, either, people can get up and read poetry or something else that they have written. It’s our way of adding a little more culture to the community.”

Day said that there is currently a piano at the coffee shop that people will play from time to time and that it helped push the idea along.

Day said that a number of people have already shown interest, and said that she hopes the event becomes bigger over time.

“I know it might start off slow,” Day said. “The first one being on the same night as the Alabama/LSU game doesn’t help. I’ve thought about putting a TV back there, but I didn’t want to do that just yet.”

This Saturday will be the first Open Mic Night at Joe’s Barista, but Day said it will be a weekly event and hopes to add more things to it along the way.

“Right now, we have a stage, lights and sound system,” Day said. “We are adding couches and chairs in there for people to relax. I’ve been asked about getting a wine license by a few people, and I’m thinking about getting that.”

Day said that there will be no cover charge to come and listen and no charge to get on stage.

“We aren’t going to charge anything for people to come out and enjoy this,” Day said. “Just come out, have fun and drink some coffee.”