Published 12:00 am Friday, November 6, 2015

Helen Ann, WIlliam, Blanche, Stella and Bill Alverson | Photo courtesy  of Vicki Popwell

Helen Ann, WIlliam, Blanche, Stella and Bill Alverson | Photo courtesy of Vicki Popwell

Nation, locals approve of TLC debut of Alverson’s reality show

Andalusia attorney Bill Alverson was all the buzz in Andalusia on Wednesday night and Thursday.

Alverson’s new reality show, Coach Charming, made its debut on TLC Wednesday night in back-to-back episodes. The show focuses on his work as an attorney and as a pageant coach. Both he and Andalusia got great reviews, locally and nationwide.

“I was super proud and excited to see that it showed really nice shots of Andalusia,” said Chamber Executive Director Chrissie Duffy. “All in all, it made the city look good.”

Duffy added that she was excited the Chamber’s new web site went live the same day the show made its debut.

“I feel like we’ll get lots of hits because of it,” she said.

Mayor Earl Johnson was traveling Wednesday and said his hotel didn’t offer the TLC network.

“While I have not yet seen it, I understand that Andalusia was portrayed in a very favorable light,” he said. “I look forward to catching up and seeing the episodes.”


Covington County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Rick Clifton said the show presented the community in a wonderful light.

“The scenes of the city reflected well on the community,” Clifton said. “I think people who saw it got a real sense of Andalusia.”

In the first episode, Alverson and his family – William, Helen Ann, Blanche and Stella – go to Vicki Popwell’s to have a family portrait done. Popwell said she hadn’t told anyone she’d be on television Wednesday night, but got lots of calls from people who saw the show.

“It made Andalusia look good,” Popwell said. “I was very happy.

“I hope all the other episodes make us look that good. A lot of people have worked hard to make Andalusia what it is, and I’m pleased others could see it.”

Social media was abuzz with comments.

“If ever anyone was accurately portrayed on television, this is it,” wrote Terri Jones Proctor about the show.

“I have to say I sure reminisced my pageant days will Bill Alverson tonight watching Coach Charming! There sure is something about that man that makes a girl want to be a beauty queen. Love him,” wrote Misti Cross Nall.

“Pretty proud of my sister’s television debut on Coach Charming tonight! Andalusia never looked better,” wrote Jennifer Evers O’Neal. “Kudos to the television crews for filming some of Andy’s prettiest scenery!

And Coach Charming also got national reviews.

In a review on Bustle, Laura Rosenfeld called Alverson “the man who is sure to be the next breakout star on TLC, because with so much that’s entertaining about him, how could he not be?”

Barb Oates wrote blogged about the show on “This guy’s got one incredible ego, but it’s completely entertaining,” she wrote.

“In addition to his candor, he brings an extremely expressive approach to his coaching style (watch for those facial expressions). He’s never shy on opinion, even when it’s not wanted, and he knows a thing on tap dancing, too. Go figure.”