Keep holding your head high ‘Dogs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trevor Parker was one of several players to really step up when called up this season.

Trevor Parker was one of several players to really step up when called up this season.

As the final buzzer sounded Friday night in Munford, the scoreboard showed the Andalusia Bulldogs falling to the Lions 33-31 in a third-round shootout, but what the final score couldn’t show was the tremendous heart and grit that the Bulldogs showed in the face of adversity.

It’s never easy as player to accept as loss and it’s even harder when you are a senior and you know it’s the last time you have strapped on your pads, slipped on that jersey and buckled your chinstrap.

From where I stood on the sidelines Friday night in Munford, that was not a loss for the Bulldogs even though the scoreboard said otherwise. The fight that the Bulldogs showed was immeasurable and several players stepped up, going above and beyond what was asked of them when standout junior Jamal Hourel went down with an injury.

It was one of the most exciting games I’ve watched in long time, and as a former player of the Bulldogs, it’s amazing to see the level of excitement and intensity that has surrounded the program this year.

The passion that this team played with this season was undeniable and their love for their brothers on the team has been unwavering.

When a season ends so close to championship, it’s a hard thing to get past, but guys the things you accomplished as a team has been something that you can always be proud of.

You helped put a level of excitement and passion for Bulldog football, back into this town and school that it hasn’t seen in years.

For the seniors, it hurts knowing you played your last football game for Andalusia, but you guys don’t have anything to hang your heads about. You played great and left it all on the field.

As time goes on, as it’s prone to do, don’t think much about how the loss felt, but how you felt on the field with your brothers fighting to the bitter end and knowing that you gave it everything that you could.

You made us proud with the heart, effort and determination that you played with all season and for that you should keep you heads held high, for you played like champions.