DRS gives up lease at hangars

Published 1:23 am Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DRS officially gave up its lease on the twin hangars at South Alabama Regional Airport.

Jed Blackwell, SARA co-director, said Tuesday that Ronnie Kearns of the Kearns Group LLC, inquired about leasing the twin hangars through Jan. 31, 2016.

As part of procedure, SARA sent a letter to DRS advising the Kearns Group’s intent to continue the lease, and DRS had to say they weren’t interested in continuing the lease.

“The facility is now available for any industry,” said Covington County Economic Development President Rick Clifton. “It will be open on Feb. 1.”

Clifton said they are seeking a long-term tenant for the hangars.

Clifton has traveled with Kearns to several aviation industry conferences seeking to promote the twin hangars complex.

“Ronnie has a lot of connections,” he said. “We hope those connections continue to pay off. People are beginning to know we have them,” he said. “Now, we just need to connect with someone.”