Hourel shines

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 28, 2015

Andalusia’s junior running back Jamal Hourel set the school’s single-season rushing record this season with a staggering 2,396 yards on 236 carries. Now Hourel is up for the Alabama News Network’s Capitol Hyundai High School Highsman Player of the Year.

“I kind of shocked myself,” Hourel said of his historic season. “I just thank God for putting me in that position to play that well, and I just wanted to do the best I could for my brothers.”

Hourel said every member of the Bulldog football team is his brother and the love for his brothers is his driving force.

“It’s a great feeling when you go out there and you know that you brothers are going to be right there with you working and fighting together,” Hourel said. “We had a great season. We came together as a team and as a family and I think that was the main thing about this team. After going from 5-5 a year ago and having everybody do their own thing, it really felt good to come together as one.”

Another motivation for Hourel is his want to be the best he can be and more importantly to be a leader for the rest of the Bulldogs.

“Coach (Trent Taylor) told us that there will always be someone who works just as hard or harder than you, and that it’s the little things that can set you apart,” Hourel set. “I want to do all the little things right, and just be the best I can be. I want to standout and be a leader.”

There were many highlight moments during Hourel’s junior season, but the second round playoff game against Dadeville standouts the most to him.

“In that game against Dadeville, every one really just came together and we played one of our best games all season,” Hourel said.

During that game, Hourel made a spectacular touchdown run on play when most everyone that he was down.

“Everyone on the other team thought I was down,” Hourel said. “I knew I wasn’t down and I was just hoping that the refs saw it that way. I really don’t know how I stayed up.”

Another memorable moment for Hourel came the third round after an injury forced him to watch the remainder of the game from the sideline.

1128-spt-Hourel-run“That last game we fought so hard and played together,” Hourel said. “After I got hurt, all the guys came over and said they would play for me. That meant so much to me, to know that my brothers were going to go out there and go to war for me. That’s why I love my brothers.”

Hourel said that he hopes to be bigger, faster and stronger for his senior season with the Bulldogs.

“I want to get better at every aspect,” Hourel said. “I’ve been watching film since the day after the last game and I’m going to be bigger, faster and stronger. Also, I want to become a better leader. I’m going to step up to plate and take that role.”

As for the Player of the Year nomination, Hourel said it’s a great honor, and that it’s as much of a nomination for his teammates as it is for him.

“I just feel blessed,” Hourel said. “It feels great you know… I just want to mention my teammates once again, because without those guys I would not be here. My coaches and teammates push me everyday to be the best. So if I win this award, it’s not just for me, but for the Bulldog family.”

To vote for Hourel as the Player of the Year, text Hourel to 31403. The winner will be announced Dec. 10, by WAKA.