AJHS 7th grader authors honored with tea

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Matthew Beasley, Bryan McCorvey and James Posey penned a trilogy.

Matthew Beasley, Bryan McCorvey and James Posey penned a trilogy.

Andalusia has more than 140 newly-published authors, each of whom was honored yesterday at an Authors’ Tea.

Andalusia Junior High School seventh grade language arts teacher Candy Parker said students began the project the second week of school.

Everybody got a paper sack, with a shoe. Somewhere in the classroom, someone had drawn the matching shoe, and those two became partners.

Initially, partners worked together to develop a character.

“Some of them write about the character they develop, others write about a character then have in mind,” Parker said. “It’s a way to get started. That’s the biggest struggle for them.”

The students start with characteristics. How old is the character? When was he born? Some write fiction, while others write largely autobiographical material.

James Posey plans his introduction.

James Posey plans his introduction.

For instance, as each student shared a little about his or her book during the tea, one student explained that her character fails a test and then worries what people would think of her. In her dedication, that student said her book was dedicated partially to herself, because she knew what that felt like.

Samantha Kelley talks about her book.

Samantha Kelley talks about her book.

Savannah Kelley’s book was “A Second Chance.”

“It’s about a bracelet that makes the day repeat,” she explained, adding that she got the idea from a Christmas movie. Savannah enjoys writing and said she might become an author.

Matthew Beasley, James Posey and Bryan McCorvey worked as partners in the beginning, and liked their character Drake Drexington so much, they penned a triology.

In Matthew’s book, Drake participates in lacrosse playoffs. In Bryan’s book, Drake is drafted to a team and helps win the championship. In James’ book, Drake is again drafted – this time to the Army.

Parker said this is the third year that students have published books, thanks to a grant from the Andalusia Junior Woman’s Club.

Many of the students have never typed assignments before, and they are required to use google docs to submit assignments to Parker, and to edit and proof each other’s work.

roud moms Daphne Posey and Tara Dalton were on hand for the tea.

Proud moms Daphne Posey and Tara Dalton were on hand for the tea.

An earlier class did a presentation on their books for the Andalusia Study Club, who in turn also wanted to help. Club members hosted three successive teas for the seventh graders yesterday.

Now that their books are done, the students are working on 33-page autobiographies.