StrongSteel to build safe homes in local plant

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 18, 2015


StrongSteel has leased this building in the Andalusia industrial park.


StrongSteel of Alabama has leased a building in the Andalusia Industrial Park.

The company builds architecturally-designed “green” steel homes with a completely wood-free recycled structure. The homes are built to withstand hurricane and tornado-force winds up to 200 mph, and are engineered to withstand up to Zone 4 earthquakes.

The company has prepaid its lease for at least four months, Mayor Earl Johnson told Industrial Development Board members Thursday.

The owner previously leased the building under the name GreenSteel Homes, LLC.

Rick Clifton, executive director of the Covington County Economic Development Commission, said the lease clearly states if the business does not meet its employment numbers, the lease can be terminated after two years. The lease agreement does not require the IDB to make any improvements to the building, Clifton said.