Gantt fireworks stand offers plethora of options this year

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Eddie Lindsey shows off some of this year’s fireworks.

Eddie Lindsey shows off some of this year’s fireworks.

Make more noise with Bama Boys. That’s the slogan Bama Boys Fireworks owners and operators Eddie and Pam Lindsey came up with for their business that opened its location on Hwy. 29 in Gantt.

“We are a family-owned and operated business,” Eddie said. “When you come to our location in Gantt or in Brantley, you are going to see me, my wife Pam, my son Trey, my daughter Anna or my son-in-law Kyle working at the store. We like to you say, ‘You come as a customer and leave as friend.’”

Eddie said their main goal at Bama Boys Fireworks is to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied.

“A lot of people will come in on budget, and they will say I will this much to spend,” Eddie said. “We welcome that and I’ve expanded to other products this year to ensure that I’m able to give every one the best show for their money. We are more than happy to help you plan your show on any budget, and we can also come out and do the show for you.”

While the products are affordable, Eddie said that he doesn’t put anything on his shelves just because it is cheap.

“I do a lot of research on every product that we have,” Eddie said. “I go to demos, shows and conventions to really gain knowledge on different products. Customer representatives will give me products to try out, and if it doesn’t ooh and aah me, I don’t put it on the shelf. I’ve learned a lot over the years from a lot of different shows and I think that is really important… I’m not going to put something on the shelf just because it’s cheap.”

Eddie also said that they have added new additions to the 60-gram artillery selections, which are the strongest fireworks available.

“A lot of people have been looking for the 60-gram artillery shells, so we added to our inventory of those this year,” Eddie said. “Those are the big ones that jar the windows when they go off. They are the strongest on the market, and we have different varieties of them to fit any budget.”

One of the 60-gram artillery shells is the Exterminator, which comes in 24 or 6-shot packs, and has the strongest lift charge on the market.

Eddie said that Bama Boys gets their fireworks from a few different suppliers, including the new company Wild Dragon Fireworks, which was started by Pryo Technico. Pryo Technico puts on fireworks shows all over the U.S., including the shows put on by the City of Andalusia.

“Pryo Techinco is the company that does that fireworks shows for the City of Andalusia and all over the place,” Eddie said. “They have a lot of experience in show production and the started a consumer division this year and they have put a lot of that know how into their products. I’ve got a deal with them where I’m the exclusive dealer for them in this area, and their products are so much better than other companies.”

Bama Boys Fireworks also offers the “Touchdown Alabama” and “Touchdown Auburn” 500-gram cakes, which is a firework show in a box, Eddie said.

Eddie said that offer several varieties of different products to fit any budget or show plan.

Right now, Bama Boys Fireworks are offering a few promotions. Customers can bring in can food and receive a free pack of bottle rockets. With every purchase, customers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an Alabama or Auburn firework pack for the Bowl games. Also, visit and like their Facebook page for a chance to win a big gift pack, valued around $130, to be given away on New Year’s Eve day.

Eddie said that the most important thing to remember around fireworks is safety.

“I want to really stress that every one remember to be safe around fireworks,” Eddie said. “Read the directions first and parents be sure to supervise children. We give safety tips to all our customers on everything that they buy and show them how to properly use them. Fireworks are safe when used propely.”

For more information, contact Eddie at 343-3734, or Pam at 504-8193.