Company negotiating to keep AMC

Published 2:52 am Thursday, December 31, 2015

Channel could go dark
for a few days when contract ends today

AndyCable customers in Andalusia and Opp will likely see AMC Networks disappear from their cable line-up this weekend, but it is hoped the absence will be short-lived.


Mike Russell of Andy Cable explained Wednesday that National Cable Television Cooperative, which includes hundreds of independent companies like AndyCable, is negotiating a new contract with AMC Networks. The current contract expires today.

Russell said AMC has proposed a 350 percent rate increase, and is demanding that cable companies launch and pay for additional networks which customers have not requested, such as BBC World News.

If the contract is allowed to expire, approximately 4 million homes across the nation will be affected, Russell said.

AMC has told national media outlets that its last agreement with the cable cooperative was in 2008 and since then the network has produced more original programming.

AMC has encouraged viewers to complain to their local cable providers, and said that he hopes once the contract expires, AMC will be more willing to come to the table.

Much of AMC’s success is due to its popular series The Walking Dead.

According to, a web site which explains the NCTC position, The Walking Dead will not return to the AMC schedule until February, and Fear The Walking Dead isn’t scheduled until summer. Those shows also are available from amazon instant video, Google play, iTunes, and other streaming services.

“We are fully prepared to pay a fair price for the AMC Networks programming our customers want, but when huge companies such as AMC demand a 350 percent increase in its monthly fees, we believe it is our responsibility to take a stand,” AndyCable said in a public statement. “If they were really concerned about their viewers’ best interests, they would allow flexible carriage and charge a fee that is reasonable associated with the audience they entertain.”