Secret to fitness success? Sticking with plan

Published 1:30 am Saturday, January 2, 2016

If your New Year’s resolutions involve getting in better shape, personal trainer Jake Volpat has three words of advice.

“Keep doing it.”


Most people, he said, start exercising in their quest to get in better shape, become sore or frustrated, and stop.

“It’s going to hurt to begin with,” Volpart said. “It’s going to be hard. But it’s more of an everyday thing. I always say the hardest part is getting to the gym.

“Just keep doing it.”

For those who’ve never used a gym before, Volpart, who’s being training individuals for eight years, advises doing online research. He especially likes the site

“Most of us need a routine and something to follow,” he said. “You can ask people in the gym who are already working out, but some people are shy about that. There are also some YouTube videos that will help you know how to use the equipment and weights.”

Like most trainers, Volpart advises a combination of both cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercises.

“You need both. Cardiovascular makes you able to work harder with weights,” he said. “And weights help you build muscle and burn calories faster.”

Another frustrating thing for many people is the stress of trying to do everything at once.

“They going to the gym, and trying to eat better,” he said. “They have a lot on their plate at that point.”

Of the two, he said, eating better will get you healthier faster. He also advises planning ahead for meals.

“Having your meals prepared so you don’t have to think about it when you’re hungry will help a lot,” he said. “We all get to that point.”

While he advises dieters to avoid sugars, he also says that sometimes it is best to feed a craving.

“You can’t have that every day,” he said. “But if you crave something, I would say to try to eat just a little bit of what you’re craving. If you are craving a Snickers bar and a bite will cure the desire, that’s good.”

As a trainer, he has worked with people at all levels, but prefers to work with people who have some knowledge about fitness.

“You can drive people harder if they know what exercise can do for them,” he said. “The main work of a trainer is to hold you accountable. And you also want somebody to appreciate what you’re doing.

“A trainer gets invested in your goals and wants you to accomplish them,” he said.

In additional to working as a personal trainer, Volpat works with the Andalusia Police Department. He can be contacted via email at