Opp Mayor: Help others

Published 1:30 am Tuesday, January 5, 2016

0909-opp-poolDepot construction, paving on list for 2016

It’s a new year, and Opp Mayor John Bartholomew is starting the year out by challenging residents in his city to perform at least one act of kindness.

“This year, I ask all the citizens of Opp to perform at least one act of kindness to help a neighbor in need during the month of January,” he said. “Do it because it’s the right thing to do, not publicly or with credit. Just it because it’s right.”

In 2016, Bartholomew said there will be a major push to pave streets, including Perry Store Road.

“Much of the work we did in 2015 proved beneficial during the recent flooding,” he said. “New drainage and street paving helped keep our streets open throughout the deluge.”

Bartholomew said 2016 will finally bring renovations to the historic train depot on Main Street.

“After months of working with architects and state engineers, the plans have been approved and we will soon bid out the project,” he said. “It will become a centerpiece of activity in our city. It will house office space, but also have a civic room with kitchen facilities that can be used for receptions and meetings.”

The much-talked-about swimming pool and poolhouse at Veterans Memorial Park will be completed in 2016.

“It is exciting to see the possibilities this pool will hold, including a swin team from Opp High School,” Bartholomew said.

Another main goal for the year, Bartholomew said, is to continue to recruit new companies and franchises to the city.

“We have been working on the infrastructure on the bypass and throughout the city, making it ‘shovel ready’ for new businesses.”