Run for God gets runners race ready

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Interested in running in a 5K or 10K, but just aren’t sure how to get started? Join Jennifer O’Neal and the Run for God program to get ready for that upcoming race.

Run for God Andalusia will begin its next session on Sat., Mar. 5 at 7:30 a.m., at the First Baptist Church Youth building.

This will be the third program that they have put on, and this time they will offer a 5K class and 10K class that will meet at the same time.

“Run for God is a 12 week faith based program that takes a person from non-runner to a 5K or 10K runner, depending on the program you choose,” O’Neal said. “The bible talks a lot about running and running with endurance, and this program uses scripture and training to from a bond between runners and Christian values.”

The Run for God program doesn’t have a registration fee, but that particpants may choose to purchase a book and class T-shirt online for around $20 each.

“It’s a three-part program that includes Bible study, training and running,” O’Neal said. “We also have different speakers that come in and talk about different things.”

O’Neal said that anyone can join and become a 5K or 10K runner if they follow the program.

“It starts with just one minute of running and you work yourself up from there,” O’Neal said. “If you complete the training, you will be able to complete a 5K or 10K race.”

For more information, check out Run for God Andalusia Facebook page.


Run for God members running in the first half-marathon in Andalusia.

Run for God members running in the first half-marathon in Andalusia.