Writer: For library, not against Opp schools

Published 1:03 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recently, I attended the Opp council meeting with Courtney Smart, Opp library director. I want to make sure everyone understands our purpose for attending.

We went to the meeting to make sure the council members are aware of the recent severe roof leaks at the Opp library. We distributed photos of the damage and encouraged members to find funding somewhere to help replace the roof and repair the damage inside the library. In no way were we taking a stand against the school! Some of our best patrons and friends are teachers and students of Opp City School. We support our schools, teachers, administration, and students!

Our goal is to keep our library in working order for the people of Opp. Our concern is the saving the computers that are currently unable to be used, because of the tarps over them to prevent the leaks from dripping on them. Did you know that water from leaks can drip for days after the rain outside has stopped?

Thousands of dollars of books, shelves, and other property are at constant risk of damage with each rain. What started as a few wet-looking ceiling tiles 6 months ago has turned into multiple trash cans catching water streams, carpet damage, multiple walls with paint and wood damage, as well as other property damage.

Please encourage the Opp council to find the funds to help the library replace our roof and repair the damages. If you want to help the library replace books and supplies damaged from the water or help us grow our collection, please make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Opp Public Library, 1604 North Main Street, Opp, AL 36467.


Thank you,

Leslie Jones


Friends of Opp Public Library