River Falls council OKs raises

Published 12:18 am Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The River Falls Town Council voted Tuesday night to give members of the next administration a raise.

The council has been discussing a possible raise since June.

The current council earns $35 each month and Mayor Patricia Gunter is paid $100 each month.

Effective in November when a new administration takes office, council members will receive $100 per month each.

The mayor will receive $200 per month.

They also will be eligible for and additional $25 each municipal officer certification they earn from the Alabama League of Municipalities.

State law requires that salaries of the mayor and council be fixed by the council at least six months prior to each general municipal election.

The council did not take up a raise for the mayor in the capacity of water superintendent.

In November, the council retroactively paid Gunter $110 per month back to November 2012.

Additionally, the council voted to pay Police Chief Greg Jackson $490 per week. He is required to work 25 hours per week, with seven hours of on call work.