No local schools considered failing

Published 2:01 am Friday, February 12, 2016

No local schools are failing in the eyes of the Alabama Department of Education.

The state department released its 2016 list of failing schools with 76 schools on the list, which is up 10 from last year.

The list was released on Wednesday and includes schools who score in the bottom 6 percent in reading and math in the 2014-2015 ACT Aspire test. The test is given to students in grades three through eight and sophomores.

The majority of the schools on the list are in Mobile, Birmingham and Montgomery school systems.

That criteria used for this year’s list is different than in the past, when schools were labeled “failing” if its standardized testing scores were in the bottom 6 percent for three of the previous six years. Schools exclusively serving special education students are not included on the list.