Voter registration deadline is today

Published 2:10 am Friday, February 12, 2016

Those who plan to vote for the first time in the March 1 presidential primary need to get registered today.

Normally,  is the deadline for voter registration is 14 days prior to the March 1 primary. However, because Mon., Feb. 15, is a state holiday, the deadline will be today, Fri., Feb. 12.

Probate Judge Bowden reminds potential voters who might have heard news reports of people registering to vote on election day that that is not possible in Alabama.

“But people still have three ways to register,” he said.

“You can come to our office, and we will give you a form, which you can complete and leave there,” he said.

“The second way is to go out to the board of registrars’ office, which is the most sure way,” he said.

The probate office is located in the courthouse; the board of registrars are housed in the county administration building.

“The third way is to go online and do it,” Bowden said.

The online registration is open only to those who have a valid Alabama driver’s license. The process begins at

Paper applications also can be downloaded and mailed to the board of registrars.