Still Valentines, 60 years later

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 13, 2016

Come June, Doyle and Jackie Kinsaul will be married 60 years.

Come June, Doyle and Jackie Kinsaul will be married 60 years.

It’s been said that relationships are always stronger when two people are best friends first and a couple second.

For Doyle and Jackie Kinsaul, they are truly best friends.

Come June, the couple will have been married 60 years.

Jackie Kinsaul said they met while they were students at Troy University.

Jackie went to Troy out of high school and Doyle had already attended the university, played football, and done his time in the military and returned to Troy.

“My roommate was from Hartford, where he was from,” Jackie said. “She kept telling me there was a boy I should meet.”

Jackie said Doyle first saw her when she was walking across the campus and had on a red coat.

“He must have known when I was getting out of class,” she said. “He spotted the red coat. He said when he saw me walking he knew I was his.”

They married the next June.

“We both got our degrees in education,” Jackie said. “In 1959, he got the teaching and coaching job at Straughn. We were only going to stay for a year, but we kept on. He taught for 35 years and I taught for 30,” she said. “We taught side by side. We were Mr. and Mrs. K.”

What has kept the Kinsauls together for nearly 60 years?

“I guess whatever is true love, we have it,” she said. “We have always loved and respected each other. If something came up, we would just solve it because we really loved each other. More or less, I would think that he has always looked after me and my needs, and I have done the same thing for him.”

Jackie said they have been inseparable and truly enjoy each other’s company.

“We have gone to all the games together over the years,” she said. “We are best friends and companions. “

The couple reared four sons and have grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of whom they are very proud.

“That’s been a wonderful part of our marriage,” she said. “Our family, friends, students and church family. We have been blessed.”