Bethesda House needs director

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bethesda House is one step closer to opening its doors, officials said Monday.

The local domestic violence shelter, is currently seeking a part-time executive director to set the opening in motion.

“We are looking for someone who has a background in some sort of social work and mental health,” board member Debra Gamble said. “Someone who is willing to sort of hit the ground running even though it is part-time.”

Gamble said the executive director would work with the board of directors to facilitate everything needed to re-open the shelter.

Opportunity House, the previous domestic violence shelter, closed in 2013 due to budget cuts. The district attorney’s office has been investigating alleged misuse of funds but no arrests have been made in the case.

The goals for the new director include establishing short and long-term goals, grant writing, meeting guidelines of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence for shelter certification.

“That’s a big part of getting the doors open,” Gamble said. “It’s essential for us to have a continuing revenue stream to help meet financial needs.”

Gamble said the executive director will also be responsible for fundraising and public relations.

“You will need to be able to make speeches at civic organizations and churches whenever necessary,” she said.

The executive director will also manage the house, caseload, personnel and finances and maintenance on the property.

“It would also really help if we have someone who has experience in grant writing,” she said. “It would help.”

Gamble said the goal is to re-open the shelter by July.

“That’s a fluid date,” she said. “We are thinking by the time we had some work done in the building and fundraising it would be July.”

Gamble said it is a goal to be able to hire a part-time assistant director by July.

Those interested in applying for job may send your resume to: Executive Director Bethesda House PO Box 397 Andalusia, AL 36420.