Couple was in trailer when tornado hit

Published 12:16 am Thursday, February 18, 2016


A Pigeon Creek couple narrowly escaped death after a tornado struck their trailer on Monday.

Jim Imm,73, and his wife, Anne, 68, live on Swinson Road in the Pigeon Creek community.

Their daughter, Joanne Bell, said that she lives on the same property as her parents.

“I was at the stove cooking,” she said. “I got a text message with an emergency alert that a tornado was headed our way.”

Bell said she called her parents and told them to go get in the storm shelter.


“I hung up the phone and started to shut off all my food, and go out to the shelter,” she said.

But she didn’t have time to.

“It hit that fast,” she said. “I was just standing in my living room. A tree fell on the back of my house and I went to the front. Then I saw my parents’ roof come flying off and go by my window.”

Bell said she ran out into the storm, but by the time she got to her parents’ trailer, it was gone.

The storm also took a three-stall pole barn and a carport.

“My dad had blood on him, when I saw him,” she said. “We couldn’t find my mom. We kept calling her name and we finally after throwing and lifting stuff off of her found her buried under the dryer and an interior wall had fallen on her.”

The Imms were blessed.

“My mother and father are bruised up and scratched up, but are otherwise in good health,” he said. “We are extremely blessed.”

Bell said the paramedics came to the scene and evaluated her parents.

Bell said her parents had no home insurance on their trailer.

“It was a total destruction,” she said. “They lost everything. We are trying to salvage as much as we can, such as clothes.”

Bell said the biggest need they have right now is cleaning up the debris.

“We need help with the cleanup process,” she said. “We need people who have machinery to help us move the debris.”

Bell said she had insurance on her home and will be able to replace her roof.

“I have a tarp over it right now,” she said. “And it’s livable.”

Anyone interested in helping, can call Bell at 269-479-6941.