Mayor: Shelter to be built to protect customers

Published 12:18 am Thursday, February 18, 2016


A temporary construction fence went up around the city’s tallest structure, the First National Bank building, also known as the Timmerman Building, on the Court Square on Wednesday.

But Mayor Earl Johnson said that by the end of the day today, a temporary shelter will be erected on the sidewalk so that those who patronize businesses in that block will continue to have access to the handicap sidewalk ramp.


The building was among the first abated as unsafe under a new ordinance passed last fall. Potential problems with the building came to light when a brick fell from the seven-story building to the ground in recent months. Other problems cited in a hearing Tuesday night included mortar joints turning loose, and bricks falling from the parapet wall.

The council on Tuesday continued the public hearing on problems with the building until Tues., March 1, when the attorney John Plummer, who represented the property owners, said a plan for repairs will be presented.

Temporary steps were added Wednesday at the barber shop

Temporary steps were added Wednesday at the barber shop

Mayor Earl Johnson said the shelter to be put in place today will look much like those sidewalk shelters seen in large cities during construction projects.

“We certainly want customers to have access to the businesses on South Cotton, but more importantly, we want those customers to be safe,” he said.