Opp resident complains about loose dogs

Published 12:05 am Thursday, February 18, 2016

A man who moved to Opp part-time is fed up with loose dogs, he said at this week’s council meeting.

David Markham told the council that he’s had to “learn how you do things here.”

Markham said when he came to Opp he learned that he needed to ensure his dog was not loose and spent $250 to purchase a radius fence to make sure he was obeying the law.

He said there are dogs running loose on West Hart Avenue.

He said the “dog catcher” came out.

Markham complained to the council that the dog catcher was unprofessional.

“He commenced to tell me how he was doing his job,” Markham said.

Markham said he decided to call the police department every day he saw a dog out.

Markham did say that Assistant Police Chief Kevin Chance had been helpful to him and that he told him if he knew where the dog lived he could issue as citation to the owner.

Markham said his neighbor called Monday and the dog catcher was not in the office.

Mayor John Bartholomew and Chance told Markham he could sign a complaint and they would issue a warrant or citation and they could enforce the law through the court system.

“We want to help you,” Bartholomew said. “But this is one of the toughest things to solve.”

Chance said two or three citations had recently been written in Markham’s area.

Markham said he didn’t mind going to testify in court.

“I don’t want to get threatened by my neighbor, though,” he said. “But I’ll do whatever I need to do.”

Councilman T.D. Morgan said he had also seen some dogs roaming on Covington Avenue.