‘Edu-tainer’ inspires AHS students

Published 2:20 am Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cedric L. Threatt, AKA Cedric the “Edu-tainer,” uses his books, songs, puppetry and even magic to inspire audiences.

While Threatt he didn’t puppets or much magic with the students and faculty of Andalusia High and Andalusia Junior High Schools, members of the audience said they were inspired by his presentation last Thursday.

Threatt discussed his “The Seven Keys to SUCCESS,” the inspirational presentation based on his book by the same name.

The book is built around using SUCCESS as an acronym that outlines the keys to success.

Threatt explained that he calls them keys because “Keys won’t do you any good unless you use them,” and because keys are used to grant access.

Threatt told his audience that first we must be serious about becoming successful. Next we must embrace the idea that we are all different and that being Unique is a great quality. He stressed that being competent takes preparation, study, and fine-tuning our skills. Becoming competent leads to confidence in that we will be successful because confidence empowers us to keep trying.

He also explained that we must have enthusiasm about what we are doing because enthusiasm breeds passion, and passion makes us “come alive.” The sixth letter is an “S,” and Threatt explained to students that sometimes we have to separate ourselves from those who will hold us back. He used the expression, “You can’t be an eagle while hanging out with turkeys.”

Finally, Threatt gave the final key, the one he says is most important of all: Servant. He encouraged students to get involved in community service, to give back, and told them that being appreciated is a great feeling.

Students enjoyed the assembly, calling it “fast-paced,” “inspirational,” and “entertaining.” AHS Senior and Peer Helper Vice President Haley Booker called it “time well spent.”

Threatt has authored several books for young children as well as for teens and adults. He has been featured in newspapers and magazines and has been a guest on radio and TV shows. He has also been a keynote speaker and presenter at many conferences.

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This Bulldog Bytes was written by Charlotte Spurlin.