Green Acres Motocross offers pro-style track

Published 12:05 am Saturday, March 19, 2016

0319-spt-motocrossFor those looking for somewhere to ride a motocross bike, look no further, William Hobbs Jr. opens Green Acres Motocross today.

“It should be stacked with good people,” Hobbs said. “This will be our grand opening and it has been a journey getting everything ready to go for it.”

The main track is one-mile long American Motocross Association track with a good variable of jumps and other elements.

“It’s a great track,” Hobbs said. “ We are working on getting it to where we can hold AMA qualifying races. Right now, we have a great mix of jumps and four tabletops. Also, for every left corner we also offer a right corner.”

Hobbs said that his father, William Hobbs Sr., has been doing dirt work years and has used his expertise to make the track immaculate.

“The dirt work is incredible,” Hobbs said. “My dad has done a great job with it. When we fluff it up, pack it and cut lines with the box blade, it’s the best looking dirt you have ever seen. It’s amazing to ride on.”

For the opening weekend, the AMA track will be the only one in operation, but Hobbs said that a mud trail is in the works and should be open in the coming weeks.

“We will just have the main track open this weekend,” Hobbs said. “We have other things that will be opening up later. This weekend, riders can pay $10 to ride the track all day. There will also be a variety of food available.”

Hobbs said that he got involved in motocross at a very young age and it has been his passion ever since.

“In my family, we eat, sleep and breath motocross,” Hobbs said. “It’s just what we do.”

That passion inspired Hobbs, his parents and his girlfriend to open the track.

“I’ve been riding pretty much my whole life,” Hobbs said. “It’s been a great experience and we wanted to offer people that kind of experience.”

Hobbs began riding when he was 4 and turned pro around the age of 19. His girlfriend, Kaitlyn Bennett, is also a professional motocross rider. The pair will also teach what they call “mini-camps” to riders who don’t have the time or money to attend actual AMA training camps.

“We will do little training camps during the day,” Hobbs said. “Camps and training can be expensive, so we wanted to do something that people can afford. It won’t be a big course or anything, just showing them how to get into AMA and offer other riding tips.”

Hobbs said that they will be open rain or shine today.

“The rain won’t close us like it does most tracks,” Hobbs said. “We have access to dirt, we have an escavator, tractor and a dump buggy. If the riders want to keep going in the rain, who are we tell them they can’t?”

Riders may only use dirt bikes or race quads only on the motocross track.

“We are quad friendly, but at the moment all we have is the motocross track so they can only bring a racing quad,” Hobbs said. “We will have our mud trail up and running in few weeks that will allow for other quads and small trucks.”

Green Acres Motocross is located at 16273 County Road 34 and will be open seven days a week.

For more information, contact Hobbs at 504-8487.