S3N project could be let by end of July

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2016



Construction plans for a multi-million project to improve South Three Notch Street are now completed, and are being delivered to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) for final review.

Mark Pugh of CDG Engineering told council members Friday he expects the state can award the bids the end of July. The project allows almost a year for construction.

In 2013, Gov. Robert Bentley awarded the City of Andalusia am $8.6 million ATRIP grant for refurbishing South Three Notch.

Pugh said the project is taking longer than expected because the state is actually managing and awarding bids. As well, he said, the rules for getting projects approved have changed along the way.

The project will included new sanitary sewerage, storm water draining and decorative lighting in the residential area of South Three Notch.

“In the commercial area, the new project will be built on top of the old street in a way that is a little more creative than we’ve done on projects in the past,” Pugh said. “There will be new curb and gutter, asphalt, and sidewalks next to hospital.”

While portions of the commercial area currently have four narrow lanes, the new design calls for two wider lanes with a center turning lane.

Mayor Earl Johnson said even though bids aren’t expected to be awarded until the end of July, residents will soon see work started.

“There is a good bit of work that city and utilities crews can do before construction by contractor begins,” Johnson said. “We’ll start within two or three weeks.

Johnson said the city has the matching funds needed for the project in the bank.

“We have the money in the bank to meet all of our matching requirements and the outlay we have to make that’s not matched, in the bank,” he said.