Phones, pot found in work release dorm

Published 12:05 am Friday, March 25, 2016


Cellphones, chargers and a little bit of marijuana was found inside a dorm at the Covington County Jail on Wednesday.

Sheriff Dennis Meeks confirmed that jail officials found the contraband after being tipped off.

“Cellphones are our biggest concerns,” Meeks said.

Earlier this month, prisoners at Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore held a riot in which the prison warden and another correctional officer were injured.

A prisoner captured the riot on cellphone video and uploaded it to social media.

Meeks said it is difficult to keep contraband out of the jail, especially the work release dorm.

“We went through Wednesday and confiscated items,” he said. “We found cellphones, charges, pot – really a lot of stuff. We do this periodically.”

Meeks said sometimes, depending on what the contraband is, inmates will receive additional charges.

“Not everyone who is in work release goes out,” he said. “Sometimes, they are working places and their buddy will sneak them something.”

Meeks said inmates sneak in items through all orifices.

Meeks said around 45 inmates are housed in the work release dorm, but only about 19 are actually on work release.

“Once they get caught with contraband, they are no long eligible for the work release program,” he said.