Children’s show coming to WKNI

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It was an all aboard with Conductor Curtis Monday morning.

Andalusia’s Curtis Simpson, the founder of Covington County’s Imagination Library, and WKNI have teamed up to produce a local children’s TV program as part of the Bob Brooks and John Jay show each day.

Simpson said the program would air five days per week for 30 minutes.

“We will be shooting it at the elementary school,” Simpson said. “We hope to bring in different ages.”

It comes as no surprise that the basis of the shot is to improve children’s literacy.

“We’ll be reading books to children,” he said. “We’ll have a magician, a ventriloquist, guest readers such as doctors, lawyers and firemen.”

On Monday, they were filming the introduction, with children getting on the train with Conductor Curtis.

Filming for the show will begin on April 18.

Brooks said that they have wanted to get some more programming on WKNI.

“We got good response when we went to the elementary school and shot some Christmas footage,” he said.

WKNI is Andy Cable Channel 15 and 79.1.