Grandfather warns: Beware potential scams

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To the editor,

On June 2, I received a call that said it was from National in New York. Someone came on the line and said it was my grandson who had rented a car, and due to the ice on the street, the car in front of him had suddenly stopped and he ran in to it. Damage on the rental car for a bumper and air bags was $1,500, and he would have to pay this or get a ticket. He was there to go to a wedding of a friend. Could I send him $1,500 and not tell anyone and he would send the money back oto me on Monday.

I feared a scam, but his voice sounded like my grandson. I even asked for his birthdate, and he told me, which was right. I sent him three iTune cash cards for $500 each. They had given me a phone number to call if they failed to get me while I was getting the cards. I’ve since called that number and they ask for my pin number. They called me for the card numbers, and I gave them the numbers. Later, I called my grandson and he was in Atlanta and had not been to New York. I called my credit card company, but it was too late. They called on Thursday, and the three cards had also been cashed, so I’m out $1,500.

The next day, someone called my wife and it sounded like some of my great-grandchildren. They asked, “Memama, do you know who this is?”

She said, “I think it’s someone who scammed my husband yesterday.” They hung up.

I have since been told that they will wait a day or two and call, telling you they are sending your money back, but need your bank account number. Then, they can wipe out your bank account.

So, everyone, beware, since scammers can get your name and birthday and more from the Internet. I hope this saves someone else from getting scammed.


Charles Hartin

Red Level


P.S. I reported this to the sheriff’s office, but was told they could not do anything about it.