Mother: Our family has been hurt by gossip

Published 12:50 am Saturday, April 2, 2016

After all the hateful comments and gossip in my hometown about my daughter-in-law, Lynn Hughes, I want you to know it hurt two families, including children. I saw my grandkids and granddaughter cry about what was said. I am a Christian, but I went down to the altar at my church today, Easter Sunday, to ask for prayer to heal my broken heart and for my family, the Hughes family.

I have been hurt and angry over the gossip and the hurt, plus the over size picture in my local newspaper of Lynn, when the Andalusia Star-News only had a small picture.

After the pastor prayed for me, I decided to tell these people I would pray for them. I have prayed for people with cancer in doctors’ offices, hospital waiting rooms, and over the phone for people who are sick. I believe when the Lord asks you to do something, like pray for someone, you should do what he ask you to. So I am going to pray fro the ones who hurt my family.

St. John, 15:12 says, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have love you.”

“The tongue can be evil,” Psalms: 34:13; Psalms 57:4.

Before you spread gossip about this situation any more or anyone else’s family, think, it could be your family getting hurt. Think before you spread gossip over this situation. Help someone by praying for them, not hurting them. You will pay for hurting someone through gossip.

Her attorney asks for her personnel file showing no complaints and proof of insurance, but was told they could not find it. Wonder why?

Usually, there are kids in these situations, and some are in school and are bullied.

A person here had a warrant served on them and the article never appeared in the local paper where I live or the police report. Favoritism is shown in this town. It is according to who you are here. I prayed for this person.

I have cried and asked God to stop t his hatred against my family to stop this hatred against my family to stop. I hope the churches in Andalusia will pray for us. God doesn’t like this. Clean around your front door instead of someone else’s.

If I had to face a jury of 12 people like some doing this gossip, I would plead guilty, too. God knows the truth. You people don’t. Jesus is coming soon and we all need to be ready. Let’s treat people with love and respect and not show favoritism. This is my family and I love every one of them. Jesus is our judge. I wish peace for all. Amen.


A loving mother of the Hughes family in Florala

Ruby Chance