At $2.06, average gas prices still down

Published 1:48 am Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Despite increasing for 36 of the past 41 days, the national average for gasoline is at its lowest price point for this same date since 2009, AAA reported.

Monday’s average price of $2.06 per gallon represents an increase of two cents on the week and 24 cents on the month. Pump prices continue to reflect year-over-year discounts, and drivers are saving 34 cents per gallon versus this same date last year.

Drivers in California ($2.79) are paying the nation’s highest averages at the pump.

Regional neighbors Hawaii ($2.60), Nevada ($2.45), Washington ($2.30) and Alaska ($2.27) join in the rankings as the nation’s top five most expensive markets for gas. Averages in nearly half (23) of the states are below the $2 per gallon threshold, and motorists in Oklahoma ($1.82) and South Carolina ($1.85) are paying the lowest prices at the pump.