Former LBWSJC student pens autobiography

Published 12:13 am Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dear Editor:

Thank you very much for giving me permission to use old images form your paper in my forthcoming autobiography. I am very excited to tell you about my newly published autobiography, “Memories to Cling.” I have been working on this for 30 years, and it covers my childhood, college years, employment years, self advocacy, advocacy for people with disabilities, relationships, triumphs and sorrows.

I graduated from LBWSJC in 1975 while Dr. McWhorter was president, and had many good exsperiences there which is covered in my book. Mrs. Barbara Linder was my mentor while I attended the school, and we made many accessible changes!

If you would like to do a follow-up story on a former student who graduated top honor student, was inducted in the Hall of Fame and now has authored an autobiography, I would be most honored.


Lilly H. Harold