Bray –Palmer marriage results in many descendants

Published 12:51 am Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today’s writing will conclude the coverage of the large family of John Henry C. Bray and Nancy Caroline (Morgan) as far as readily available genealogy data. Most of their children and families have been outlined in the previous three stories, so this column will feature the youngest children, primarily that of Zula Caroline Bray and husband, John Hubert Palmer (or Palmore).

Zula Caroline was born in 1888 as the youngest child in this family and grew up in the Fairfield community of Covington County.

When she was ready for marriage she chose a brother to her older sister’s, Sophia Della, husband, William Henry “Bill” Palmer Sr.,

Zula was married to John H. Palmer (1884-1962), son of Gazaway W. Palmer Jr. and Mary Ann whose last name is not known.

Zula Caroline and John Hubert Palmer reared the following children: Merline, b. 1909, d. 1970, m. Harris Paul “Bud” Poole; Carl Richard, b. 1912, d. 1977, m. Margarel Beatrice Harrison; Daisy Mae, b. 1913, d. 1916; Mary Alice, b. 1915, d. 1988, m. (1) William A. King (2) Jimmy Broadway (3) James Albert “Polly” Perrett (1914-1978); Carrie Lee, b. 1917, d. 2002, m. Frank Vick (1914-1982); Infant, b.&d. 1920; Windom Wilson, b. 1921, d. 1968, m. Gloria Swanson Jay; Eva Rae, b. 1923, m. Earl Burl Rabren (1976-2001); Infant, b.&d. 1925; and Walter Thetus (Thaddeus ?), b. 1927, d. 2004, m. Doris Nell Hutcheson (1929-2009).

The oldest daughter, Merline Palmer, was married to Harris Paul “Bud” Poole Sr.

They reared one son, Harris Paul Jr., b. 1930.

The oldest son, Carl Richard Palmer, was married in 1935 to Margarel Beatrice Harrison, and they reared the following 10 children: Carl Hinton, b. 1937, m. Linda Irene Brogden; James Hubert, b. 1939, m. (1) Patricia Duffy (2) Janice ?; Charles Ray, b. 1943, m. Jean Laurie Dorfee; Richard Lamar, b. 1944, m. Linda Gail Thompson; Dewey Comer, b. 1946, m. Cathy Diane Durham; Lynda Gail, b. 1948, m. Gerald Lavon Pittman; Jerry Cornell, b. 1950, m. Visitacion Agajan; Shirelyn Charlene, b. 1952, m. Milton Daniel Newman; Rickey Jerome, b. 1954, m. Elizabeth Gooden; and Debra Beatrice, b. 1957, m. (1) Rodney Rice (2) 1981 Carl Mathew Gandy.

Carl and Margarel Palmer’s oldest son, Carl Hinton, and his wife, Linda (Brogden), Made their home in Huntsville, Ala., where they reared their children: Carl Jeffery, b. 1960, m. Cathy Denise Davidson; Jennifer Lynn, b. 1961, m. (1) Joseph Lamar Lott (2) Jeffery Felton Hamilton; Timothy Alan, b. 1963, m. Debra Lee Rankin; and David Tillman, b. 1964, m. Amanda Jo Carter.

Currently, Carl is retired, so he and Linda are able to spend considerable time in their hometown of Andalusia where they are gradually renovating the historic Givens House, located on the northeast corner of College Street and Sixth Avenue.

In the Andalusia book, published in 2015 by William Casson “Bill” Hansford in collaboration with Linda (Brogden) Palmer, the Givens House is described as being of Edwardian style architecture.

Carl and Margarel Palmer’s second son, James Hubert, was married twice, first to Patricia Duffy with whom he had three children: James Michael; Teresa Ellen; and Christopher Eric, m. ? Kelley. He and his second wife, Janice, had a son, Anthony, b. 1977, m. Elizabeth Richardson. Carl and Margarel Palmer’s third son, Charles Ray, was married in 1965 to Jean Laurie Dorfee, and they had two children, April Rosemarie, b. 1965, m. Jeffrey Donald Ole Gaspe; and Charlie Ray Jr., b. 1968. Carl and Margarel Palmer’s fourth son, Richard Lamar, and his wife, Linda Gail, had two sons, Richard Lamar Jr., b. 1970, m. Misty Parks; and Shannon Dale, b. 1975, m. Micalyn ?.

Carl and Margarel Palmer’s fifth son, Dewey Comer, and his wife, Cathy Diane, were blessed with four children: Pamela Diane; Christopher; Krystal Deweens, m. ? Hurst; and John.

Their oldest daughter, Lynda Gail, and husband, Gerald Lavon Pittman, had three daughters: Lisa Darlene, b. 1966, m. Michael Todd Merrill; Kimberly Mitchell, b. 1968, m. John Donald Butts; and Sandra Delaine, b. 1972, m. Michael Paul Fowler.

Their next son, Jerry Carnell, and wife, Visitacion, had three children: Jerry Carnell Jr., b. 1973; Visitacion Beatrice, b. 1976, m. Josiah Michael Ragouisia; and Jenny Beth, b. 1979.

Their daughter, Shirelyn, and husband, Milton D. Newman, had three children: Ashley Darlene, b. 1970, m. Samuel Hardy Grimes; Shelly Elvira, b. 1972, m. (1) Jeff Rich (2) Thomas Brown; and Hank Daniel, b. 1985.

Their son, Rickey Jerome, and wife, Elizabeth, had four children: Brandy, Stacy, Laura and Aliceion.

Their youngest child, Debra Beatrice, and husband, Christopher, had Raleigh, b. 1974, m. Christine Marie Fowler. Debra and husband, Carl, had Heather Rae, b. 1986.

The next child, Mary Alice Palmer, and her husband, William A. King, had one daughter, Louise Jeanette, b. 1935, d. 2016, m. Bobby Ferrell Norsworthy (1935-2013). They reared three children: Terri Lynn, b. 1957, m. Joel Rodney Robinson; Tracy Lee, b. 1959, m. Karen Lois Hunt; and Becky Louise, b. 1960, m. Kenneth Lamar Davis.

Carrie Lee Palmer, the next daughter, was married in 1938 to Frank Vick.

They reared the following three children: John Edward, b. 1939, m. (1) Marjorie Agnes Dixon (2) Aurilla Faye Aman; Mary Sue, b. 1941, m. (1) Terry Preston Chesser Sr. (2) James Otha Starley; Jimmy Frank, b. 1946, m. (1) Janice Marie Green (2) Linda Jo Johnson. John and Marjorie had two daughters before her untimely death: Patricia Lynn, b. 1963, m. Scott Corcoran Moody; and Janet Claire, b. 1966, m. Glenn Robert Leuenberger. John and Faye have one daughter, Amanda Lee, b. 1971. Sue and Terry P. Chesser have three children: Terry Preston, Jr., b. 1960, m. Pamela Herring; Victoria Marie, b. 1963, m. (1) William James lowery (2) Terry Edward Randolph; and Robin Lorita, b. 1969, m. Denis’ Stapleton Couturie.

Jimmy and his first wife have one son, Dustin Devon, b. 1971, m. Tracy Lynn Pouncey.

Jimmy and second wife adopted a daughter, Tammy Lee, b. 1979.

The next child, Windom Wilson Palmer, and his wife, Gloria (Jay), reared the following children: Douglas Wayne, b. 1943, m. Mary Elizabeth King; Walter Max, b. 1944, m. Sheryl Lynn Baker; Gloria Dianne, b. 1946, m. Hinton Gearl Henderson; and Roger Phillip, b. 1954, m. Margie Gorum. Douglas and Mary Elizabeth have three children: Walter James, b. 1969, m. Amy Michelle Cross; Suzan Renee, b. 1973, m. Lamar Stokes; and Daniel Jay, b. 1981. Walter Max and Sheryl have four children: Micah; Infant, b. 1965; Cinthia Lynn, b. 1918, m. Bob Reihl; and Amy Kathleen, b. 1970. Gloria Dianne and Hinton have three children: Gary Steven, b. 1965, m. Jill Elaine Walters; Gregory Dewight, b. 1966, m. Rebecca Faye Stringfellow; and Jeffery Wayne, b. 1967, m. Audrey Jean Hammonds. Roger and Margie have two children: Kevin Dewayne, b. 1971; and Amanda Dianne, b. 1984.

The next daughter, Eva Rae Palmer, and her husband, Earl Burl Rabren, reared four daughters: Brenda Joyce, b. 1941, m. Fred Putman; Glenda Rae, b. 1943, m. Goldman Parrish; Linda Ann, b. 1945, m. Frank Williams; and Cinda Kaye, b. 1950, m. Lloyd D. Junger. Brenda and Fred have two children: Toni Lee, b. 1964, m. Robert Leston; and Terry Allen, b. 1969; Glenda Rae and Goldman have three children: Everette Earl, b. 1961, m. Melinda Ashworth; Kathleen, b. 1966, and twin, Karleen Kaye, b. 1966, m. Brian Manix. Linda and Frank have two sons: Kenneth Lee, b. 1968, m. Felicia Pilon; and David Lee, b. 1972. Cinda and Lloyd have a son, Jason, b. 1969, m. Jennifer Abbott.

The youngest son, Walter Thatus Palmer, and his wife, Doris (Hutcheson), had four children: Walter Darrel, b. 1949, m. Sylvia Ann Tingle; Gary Joel, b. 1952, m. Rebecca Gibson Ross; Kathie Louise, b. 1955, m. (1) Richard Federinko (2) Tommy Hall; and Mary Elizabeth, b. 1963, m. Richard Bearden. Walter D. and Sylvia have two children: Chad Stuart, b. 1975; and Jenny Ann, b. 1978, m. Steven Swol; Gary and Rebecca have two children: Joel Ross, b. 1983; and Evan Brooks, b. 1985; Kathie and Richard Federinko have two children: Emily Caroline, b. 1981; and Brian Douglas, b. 1985; Mary Elizabeth and Richard have two sons: Adam Gregory, b. 1991; and Patrick Allen, b. 1993.

The sources for this writing were the family records of Hazel (Goodman) McClain, John Vick, Walter Thatus Palmer and Linda (Brogden) Palmer who are all descendants or relatives of this Bray family line.

Anyone who may find an error in the above is requested to contact this writer, Curtis Thomasson, at 20357 Blake Pruitt Road, Andalusia, AL 36420; 334-804-1442; or Email: