Striving for greatness

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2016

Former Straughn High School standout student-athlete Rollin Kinsaul continues to improve his game and make strides at one day becoming the starting quarterback for the Southeastern Oklahoma University Savage Storm football team.

“It’s been a growing process for sure,” Kinsaul said. “I really feel like a made a lot of strides forward this spring.”

During the a pair of spring scrimmages, Kinsaul finished 13-of-16 passing, including a 4-for-4 effort for 55 yards in the Savage Storm’s final spring scrimmage.

“I’m with the strides that I’ve made but there are still a lot of things I have to work on,” Kinsaul said. “One of the biggest adjustments has been learning to be more of a pocket passer.”

During his days at Straughn, Kinsaul’s athletic ability gave him the option to make plays with his legs when passing plays broke down. In college, Kinsaul said that he has had to learn to take on a different role.

“When a play broke down in high school, I could scramble out of the pocket and make something happen,” Kinsaul said. “These guys on defense are getting their school paid for as well, and their job is stop me. That has been the biggest thing I’ve improved on this spring, is learning to play in the pocket.”

This spring, Kinsaul also went from scout team to competing for the starting position.

“It’s a completely different animal going from scout team to competing for the starting job,” Kinsaul said. “It’s been a good spring. I really grew a lot over the last four weeks.”

Kinsaul credits some of that growth to the leadership of the Savage Storm’s junior quarterback C.B. Cantwell.

“Cole Bailey is a really great leader on and off the field,” Kinsaul said. “He has already taught me so much and I just look forward to be able to continue to learn from him. He is a great leader to learn from.”

While the Savage Storm haven’t officially named a starting quarterback for the upcoming season, Cantwell appears to be the guy that will get the snaps.

“He (Cantwell) will be the starting quarterback,” Kinsaul said. “He is really a great player and a real leader. Like I said, I just look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow by learning from him.”

The Savage Storm begins the 2016 football season on Sept. 1, when the travel to Arkadelphia, Ark., to take on Henderson State.