Church asks right-of-way guidance for new sign

Published 2:25 am Friday, April 15, 2016

Representatives from Ebenezer Baptist Church approached the Covington County Commission on Wednesday about their sign, again.

Last year, the county commission agreed to compensate the church $350 for a sign damaged by road crews.

The sign was on county right-of-way.

At the time, commissioners encouraged church members to have the new sign placed off the county right-of-way.

On Wednesday, Marvin Robbins of the church said that he personally went and pulled the right-of-way easement when putting up the sign.

County officials have recently flagged the sign.

Robbins said it was the only guidance he had.

Robbins was concerned about what he called a lack of communication between the county and the church.

“A courtesy call would have stopped this whole process,” he said.

County Engineer Darren Capps had different right-of-way measurements, but agreed to give Robbins guidance on where to place the sign.

Capps and Robbins agreed to get together and properly place the sign.