Bracke running for Opp mayor

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

Becky Bracke has announced that she will seek the office of mayor in the Opp’s August municipal election.

Bracke’s passion is people, and her accomplishments in life over the years have revolved around caring for and improving the lives of people.

“Our people are our greatest strength,” she said. “Opp people are friendly, caring and giving. Residents here go out of their way to help others,” she continued.


“My vision for Opp is to bring together great minds in Opp to work for the greater is to bring together great in Opp to work for the greater good of the community, pulling as hard as we can to make Opp a beacon to rural communities in the South. We have the talent, skills, and people to make this happen. I want to work toward unity in the achievement of the common goal of making Opp a better place to live, work, and raise our children.

Bracke said she believes that for one to be an effective leader, residents must have trust in that leader and need to be sold on a vision. She said she believes she has the ability to build trust throughout Opp due to her many years of involvement with the city, its people, and its businesses.

Seeing the need for a daycare in Opp (a new concept at that time), she opened Becky’s Kinder Kollege in September 1977. From its inception, she had a teaching component with a curriculum. At that time, there were no kindergartens in the Opp schools.

After seeing another need for school-aged children to attend after school daycare as well as summer daycare, she expanded the business by adding an extra house for these school-aged children. A preschool building was added later.

Becky’s Kinder Kollege now has an enrollment of 100 children per day each year. Over the course of its 38-year existence, hundreds of Opp’s children have spent many hours of their formative years as students in her care.

As her own parents became elderly and in need of care, Becky began researching another new concept, known as assisted living. After a year of research and planning, she broke ground on such a facility, and in November 1998, the WoodMoore Assisted Living Facility opened its doors. It has 16 units, and has served as home to more than 100 senior citizens. Bracke has been a member of First Baptist Church since 1957 and has been deeply involved in the church, serving in its nursery for 48 years, and singing in the choir for at least 30 years. She has also served on several church committees.

She has been a member of the Opp Chamber of Commerce for 35 years, and has served on the board for three years.

She is currently serving on the Opp City Schools Board, a position she has held the last 3 ½ years.

Bracke has five children, three by birth, and gaining two more when she married the late Butch Bracke. All five are graduates of Opp High School, married Opp High School graduates, and built homes in or around Opp. She enjoys 12 grandchildren, eight of whom have already graduated from Opp High School. The remaining four are currently enrolled in Opp City Schools.

Because of her children’s and grandchildren’s involvement, she has been a fixture at Opp’s ball fields, Channell-Lee Stadium, and school events for decades.

“My whole family and myself are totally invested in Opp,” she stated. “Much of my joy in life has centered around my children and grandchildren and the fact that my children had the option to come back to Opp after college and serving in the military to work, live, and raise their children here. This is something I would like to see happen more often in Opp.

“My work ethic, determination, and good employees have enabled me to own and operate two Opp businesses successfully, starting from scratch. I would like to apply that same work ethic, determination, and ability to bring good people together as a team, for the benefit of the great people of Opp.”