Former college coach speaks on faith

Published 12:05 am Saturday, April 23, 2016

There were more than 300 men at the Old School Men’s Meeting Thursday night to hear former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden speak.

Bowden opened with stories from his coaching days and then spoke to crowd of men about his passion and love for Christ.

When he began coaching football, Bowden said that there where five things he wanted to teach his players.

“I knew that if I could

Former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden speaks to the crowd at the Old School Men’s Meeting.

Former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden speaks to the crowd at the Old School Men’s Meeting.

get these players to understand these five things, we could probably win some ball games,” Bowden said. “Those five things are commitment, accountability, responsibility, discipline and sacrifice.”

Over the years, Bowden said that he realized that understanding those five things is important to being a Christian.

“Faith, family, football,” Bowden said. “When asked what’s most important to me that’s always what I’ve said, but I got to thinking about it. I’ve spent years learning  everything about football, but I had never read the whole Bible. How could I say it was the most important thing to me if I wasn’t able to commit the time to learning more about my faith.”

With accountability, Bowden said that it’s important to share the gospel with the opportunities you have.

“As a coach, I get 80-100 guys in front of me every year,” Bowden. “One day when I’m waiting at the Pearly Gates, I will be asked, ‘Did you say my name? Could they see me through the things that you did?’ We will all be held accountable one day.”

Responsibility is also very important Bowden said.

“As men, we are responsible for being a Godly influence in our home and to our families,” Bowden said.

Discipline for oneself was something that Bowden also spoke on.

“The devil is going to tempt you,” Bowden said. “There is no question about that. Seek Godly council and hang around with Godly men. The devil is going to try to take you down when you are around other Godly men, because he doesn’t want that. Stay disciplined and don’t fall into the temptations.”

Sacrifice may seem like it falls into the commitment, but Bowden explained the difference with a funny analogy.

“If a chicken lays you and egg for breakfast, that’s commitment,” Bowden said. “If a pig gives you bacon, that’s sacrifice.”

Bowden said stepping out of your comfort zone, making yourself available and God will use you.

Bowden ended by telling the men that they need balance and stability in ones lives.

“This life is full of ups and downs, if you aren’t in a funk now you just came out of one or are about to go into one,” Bowden said. “We need balance and stability, and we can get that with a relationship with God. It’s a free gift for us because it’s already been paid for.”