Crews working on sidewalks across town

Published 12:45 am Thursday, May 5, 2016


There’s a whole lotta sidewalk work under way in Andalusia.

In the downtown area, ramps at street crossings are being brought into federal compliance.

Andalusia Director of Public Works Glynn Ralls said that a project from Stanley Avenue to Winn Dixie is being completed by a state contractor.

“They have 14 sites life to fix,” he said late Tuesday. Federal highway funding is contingent upon sidewalks on state right-of-ways being handicap-accessible.

Meanwhile, on the west side of town, construction continues on an Alabama Department of Transportation grant-funded project to build a new sidewalk from Dunson Street down Prestwood Bridge Road to Cedar Road.

Already, sidewalks have been extended on Church Street and Snowden Drive.

The project was bid at $398,960. The ALDOT grant requires the city to pay 20 percent of the project.